WUBET - an amazing collection of textiles that tell the story of Arnold Haas' interesting and diverse journeys.

Born in Austria, Arnold has lived in New York, Ethiopia and in Santiago de Chile.

The collection highlights just this "je ne sais quoi" of a globetrotter with an acute eye and a passion for the handmade, the exquisite and the authentic, always with a modern touch and sense of color that can only be explained as "very Wubet".

For Arnold, the key is to take traditional techniques outside of the ethnic box to give them a chance as high end designed pieces for a modern world.

His textures mix hand spun and hand loomed baby alpaca from the Andes with Netela which is the fabulous gauze made with Ethiopian cottons.

Leather bags and wood carved gigantic bracelets complement the assortment. The production is entirely made in Chile, Peru & Ethiopia, the quantity is limited and each component is worked by hand.

In an era of increasing globalization in business, communications, marketing and public policy, as we become one world, it is important to understand and preserve what is unique to our various cultures.

Design enhances the quality of life. On every level it should celebrate, honor, venerate, praise, cherish and treasure all that we are. The goal is to celebrate the unique genius of every individual, and use it in order to inspire everyone. I want the world to see that every invention, every creation of which humankind is capable carries with it the capacity to enhance us individually and improve us collectively.

The textiles made by WUBET are the result of a strictly manual process performed on antique looms.