Launched in 2007, WUBET is the stunning scarf brand founded by Austrian-born Arnold Haas.

After a five-year stint living in Ethiopia, former fashion stylist Arnold Haas decided to start a textile collection inspired by traditional Ethiopian designs. With two collections a year, each unisex scarf is woven on traditional loom and displayed in the WUBET store like an artwork. Doubling as a gallery, the shop also showcases the works of artists that have caught Arnold's discerning eye.

The WUBET collection is currently turning to Chile and Peru for its expansion to knitwear with winter woolies made from the softest baby alpaca. Design enhances the quality of life. On every level it should celebrate, honor, venerate, praise, cherish the treasure all that we are.

The goal is to celebrate the unique genius of every individual, and use it in order to inspire everyone. I want the world to see that every invention, every creation of which humankind is capable carries with the capacity to enhance us individually and improve us collectively.

The textiles made by WUBET are the result of a strictly manual process performed on antique looms.